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Photographer, Videographer, Graphic Designer, Web Dev/Designer

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Intuitive Coach & hypnotherapist

Intuitive Coaching & Hypnotherapy


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I'm Renee Chanelle & this is my way of making it easier to Share my world and for cyber-stalkers ... because, this is the new normal ... and lets face it, 'resumes' are boring and noone reads them!

As social distancing and travel restrictions are normal now, our online profile & space is increasingly more important to connect with those who resonate with what we're doing. People are curious about other people who do interesting things ... you too can share your adventures and career trajectory online just like this, or something similar.

As a highly curious human, with a background in mental health, business and marketing, I'm always doing different things and love learning new skills and discovering how to interpret transferable skills to new industries.

On a personal note, I'm grew up and learned resilience and entrepreneurial skills in wine country, and also enjoy city life, usually for a few years at a time. I have an adult son and have adoptive pets wherever i go.

Communication is changing, so rather than rely on social media, I host this content myself, for a few reasons:

  • There's less risk of losing access to it or the content itself (or "getting cancelled") by another platform.
  • I can stay in contact with people who are interested enough to actually go to a website.

I've found many skills are transferable, however there's differing language in many industries.

This creates barriers to entry or silos, which are sometimes helpful. Although those who have significant experience are hesitant to take risks. Others reluctant to provide training around the specifics or unique aspects of their organisation or industry.
Businesses tend to have a preference to find someone who's been there, done all the things & had successful outcomes ... which is prudent risk management ... or is it holding them back?
Because honestly, the world has changed!

Without knowing the whole person, how can you possibly know what drives them or their behaviour?

The new 'normal' of career trajectory is fluid. I've chosen to create the change, as I tend to advocate for innovation and growth, but not everyone is wired this way.

Those with a linear appearing career may be a safe option, but there's a high likelihood they're keeping the exciting side hidden. I, however, find it exhausting to play various roles with different people, so I keep it authentic.

I know that if any organsation or person is not growing and evolving, stagnancy leads to dysfunction, on many levels!! Personally, professionally & certainly for organsations.

So this is effectively my resume, but different, because the world has changed.

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