"A Conscious & Empowered Life" Project


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Here’s a quick preview of what I’m up to at the moment.

The Q!

While working in  the ‘Corporate’ world over 15 yrs ago I asked myself …

Why do so many smart humans (incl. myself at the time) unconsciously build a life we’re taught is ‘valuable’ or ‘admirable’ & end up hating it ? … then something happens to make us question everything.

& how can I help (myself & others) change it when we ‘believe’ we’re stuck ?


I’m calling it a “Conscious Lifestyle Project” … It’s cutting through the ‘BS’ to what matters.


There are a few elements / moving parts … however, they do work in synergy.


The Purpose: Life’s too short to live someone else’s dream … I’m sharing what I’ve learned so far & continue to discover along the way, to help others (like myself) find their unique version of freedom and consciously create a dream lifestyle… which is different for everyone. 

There’s no right or wrong way to do it, just learning & growth along the way! …. Psychologically, Physically, Spiritually, Energetically – with teachings and wisdom from credible and science based sources … we’re all on a journey & at different stages of consciousness ~ I’ve had to repeat some life lessons too, so no judgement 😉 


Uncover your Authentic Self & Unique Purpose … 

Haut Altitude

So you want to change your world ?  Fully Qualified & Insured Rapid Transformation Therapy (RTT) Practitioners & Coaches.

‘RTT’ developed by Marisa Peer in the UK, can help you ‘hack your life’, become unlimited, break through subconscious fears & success blocks, while you’re in control of the process the whole time. 
Build Confidence, create a ‘Success Mindset’, or Overcome your fears (i.e Public Speaking), unlock your unlimited potential!
Being a ‘Trauma Aware’ Process, It’s about helping clients find freedom & peace from past programming, emotions and behavioural patterns that no longer serve you.  Helping you create the life you want… it’s quite different to traditional counselling or therapy, as it’s more future & goal focused to help you rapidly transform your life.

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Amplify your Exciting New Direction

Existential Image

Digital Marketing Specialist, Video Production, Photography, Websites, Analytics, Social Media & Graphic Design.

… whether you’re an Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Performer, Executive, Professional, Practitioner, Alternative Therapist or simply wanting to upgrade your image as a launch strategy, I can help you do it quicker & give you tips & skills to self manage if you’re wanting to learn.

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Related <secret squirrel> Projects 

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Sustainable & Self-sufficient Lifestyles, Travel & Digital Nomads, Local AU Made & created Products etc.

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What I’ve discovered so far about Sustainable and Alternative Lifestyles: Financially, Environmentally, Socially…. that for some may challenge their Status Quo and for others it will resonate immediately. It’s about questioning everything now that the world has changed forever in 2020, not living as previously programmed, and living more consciously in every respect.


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